Coach Vision
"A coach is a leader who knows the way, shows the way, goes the way"

One of the most important things about coaching is to make the athlete understand that talent is not the decisive factor when it comes to being successful. Success is an attitude, a choice that somebody has to make and for that reason it"s not something that just happens by coincidence. Charles emphasises the importance of the 3 D"s: That it is not only important to have an ambition or Desire, but also to have the Dedication to pursue that ambition and the Determination to follow it through to the very end.

With his wealth of experience in the field of Performance Management and coaching on a global level , Charles knows the formula to winning performances. He has a reputation for leading his teams firmly, embracing a common sense approach coupled with great attention to detail. He demonstrates an excellent understanding of the international benchmarks and consequently knows what it takes to be better than the opposition. He is happy to explain how he operates, the rationale behind his methods and all with a good sense of humour.

High Performance Culture
To enjoy not only a one-off success but rather a prolonged period of steadily improving back to back successes, one needs to build the right culture within an organisation. This is even more important in an environment where competition is strong and the margins for success are small. Under the guidance of a leader with strong coaching skills, team members are challenged and inspired to change, creating a climate where only the best is good enough.

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