Clients valued the workshops that have in some cases been delivered alongside the presentation as very beneficial. Translating certain ideas into your own actual work environment may lead to the adoption of a number of the initial desired changes. In many instances, Charles" methods provide a perfect link to the diverse working environments in the world of corporate business.

Questions as to how aspects of a High Performance Culture can be defined for your specific situation will be discussed, and how this can then be implemented within your own company or organisation. Comparisons between your own methods of Performance Management and Charles" Five Steps Approach can be made and may provide notable similarities as well as striking differences. Many more of your relevant ideas can be integrated into the format of a motivational and appealing workshop. There are no shortages of sources of inspiration or discussion!

Discussion panel


Are you looking for an expert in the area of Performance Management?

Are you looking for an Olympic coach with an impressive track record?

Are you looking for a panel member with an independent spirit and an authentic opinion?

Do you need a straight talking member of a discussion panel who can be challenging when necessary and confrontational at times, with strong but honest views on performance , teamwork and a high achieving performance culture?

If you invite Charles van Commenee into your panel you will be guaranteed a lively and productive discussion. On numerous occasions he has made a significant contribution to high level panel discussions around topics such as leadership, coaching, teamwork, performing in competitive environments, developing skills for managers and many other subjects that are just as relevant for business as they are for elite sport.

Your audience will be given inspirational messages to take home while panel members will be challenged to think again or in greater depth. All will receive an articulate and coherent vision of performing at the highest level.


  • Bank Santander UK:

    "Charles delivered a one hour presentation on Leadership and Coaching at our annual conference. His messages and core themes were perfectly aligned to what we expect from our leaders and his coaching philosophy was one that we can all learn from and apply. His no compromise approach to accountability will ring true to any organisation that is serious about performance."
  • DLA Piper:

    "The leadership skills and techniques Charles imparted were quite fascinating and triggered much discussion later that evening which was just the outcome we wanted. It was a most engaging and memorable hour which suited our conference and was a perfect finale".